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A message from the president of the Korean Art Museum Association, Savina Lee

Thank you for visiting our website for the Korean Artist Project(KAP). Honored at a number of international art biennales and art markets, Korean contemporary art has evolved into an influential force in the global arena. Not surprisingly, Koreans, now more than ever, relish an opportunity to experience and learn more about their contemporary art.

In such a great atmosphere of increased demand for contemporary art, we have tried to devise ways to introduce outstanding Korean artist to the world; we are convinced that the best method to achieve this task is using a cutting-edge online tool. For this reason, we have established the Korean Artist Project website, comprising 86 representative artists and showcasing their artworks via the virtual exhibitions organized by curators from private art museums.

Initiated in May 2011, KAP supports Korean art and culture at the national level. From the beginning of virtual exhibition that 13 Korean private museums plan with 21 artists in 2011, 15 museums plan with 21 artists in 2012, 14 museums plan with 21 artists in 2013, 10 museums plan with 11 artists in 2014, 7 museums plan with 12 artists in 2015, 7 museums plan with 12 artists in 2016, and 6 museums plan with 11 artists in 2017. Korean Artist Project shares with 109 artists of total 29 museums now in 2017.

All of the art museums under the Korean Art Museum Association hold an exhibition through the KAP website and not only directly interact with the international leading art museums but also build up a network. We anticipate the KAP will channel Korean contemporary art to a worldwide audience and foster exchange between people from different cultures. Furthermore, the KAP team will continue to develop and implement a wide variety of global outreach strategies such as inviting noted international art professionals to view the virtual exhibitions and enjoy the artworks of Korean artists. Our goal is to inspire greater opportunities for Korean artists on the global stage. We also hope KAP will serve a significant role in sharing Korean culture with the global audience.