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 new icon [Go through - and then] - Seo, Haegeun

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-06 ~ 2018-07-29

Seo, Haegeun is currently participating in the "Go through-and then" exhibition at ZAHA Museum. This exhibition seeks to respect, encourage, and understand the past and current generations of the contemporary art world with the artists’ point of view who are in the different generation period. “Go through” is an exhibition that will be held in two parts. ...

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 new icon [Description of Absence] - Chang Kyung KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-11 ~ 2018-07-22

Chang Kyum KIM takes part in “IAa International Inter-media Art Project-Description of Absence” exhibition held at Artspace IAa. This show starts with a question of whether the art can recreate the suffering of the alienated others and presents the works of artists who are troubled between ethical attitude and artistic will, against the ‘prejudice’ that t...

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 new icon [Loving Breeze] - Lee Sangwon

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-22 ~ 2018-08-05

Lee Sangwon is participating in a two-person exhibition ‘Loving Breeze’ at AK Gallery. This exhibition is composed of works of two artists who visualize the pleasant time in the water in a different way of a formative interpretation. Lee observes the daily life of many people gather together to spend their leisure time such as a resort, a park and so on. ...

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 new icon [City, Unfamiliar Landscape] - Kwon, In-Kyung

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-06 ~ 2018-07-30

Kwon, In Kyung takes part in an exhibition which is held at the Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. This is a new group exhibition opening July 6 featuring painting and mixed media works that reexamine the evolving, complex urban spaces that are home to an increasing number of people worldwide. Presenting about 30 works of unique technique and visual ...

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 new icon [The Third Print: Homo Archivistl; Artist's Intervention] - Osang Kwon, KIRA KIM, KDK, Seahyun LEE, and Xooang Choi

Exhibition Dates l 2018-05-30 ~ 2018-07-31

Osang Kwon, KIRA KIM, KDK, Seahyun LEE, and Xooang Choi are participating in Dohing Art’s exhibition. This exhibition is the follow-up to The Third Print, which was held at the Total Art Museum in 2014. In modern digital civilization society where artificial intelligence is emerging, this show presents how artists can record and digest a large number of s...

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[Pentimento] - Kong Sung-Hun

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-29 ~ 2018-07-23

Kong Sung-Hun is currently participating in a group exhibition called ‘Pentimento’ at ARTBIT Gallery. Pentimento means that a covered trace appears dimly, whether it was a mistake or a coincidence in the process of drawing a picture, or a modification of the original plan. A total of eight artists, including Kong Sung-Hun, think that the term represents t...

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[Desire and Vicarious Satisfaction] - Yeon Doo JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2018-05-10 ~ 2018-05-31

Yeon Doo JUNG is currently participating in the exhibition 'Desire and Vicarious Satisfaction’ held at Space CAN. Participating artists use various media to produce delicate, complex, and sometimes selfish desires within a human being. JUNG’s work 'Love Roulette' is based on the confrontation sports in Taekwondo and wrestling. The Olympics are not fiction...

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[Art in Palette] - Hong-Goo Kang, Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2018-05-16 ~ 2018-05-29

Hong-Goo Kang and Lee Nam LEE are currently participating in 'Art in Palette' exhibition held at G & J Gwangju and Jeonnam Gallery in Insa-dong, Seoul. This is an invitation exhibition of artists who are actively working around 22 cities in Jeonnam or who’s hometown is. The purpose of this show is to create a space where people can interact with the n...

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[Dancing with Light and Video] - Chang Kyum KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2018-05-02 ~ 2018-05-26

Chang Kyun KIM is taking parts in ‘Dancing with Light and Video’ at Seongnam Arts Center. This exhibition is in conjunction with 2018 School Culture and Arts Education Support Project, which expands the curriculum beyond the classroom. The show stimulates the five senses by touching and experiencing the artworks directly. This direct viewer-centered exper...

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[Forever Young] - JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2018-02-10 ~ 2018-09-02

JeongMee Yoon is currently participating in ‘Forever Young’ at The Fashion Museum Hasselt, Belgium. In Forever Young, the exhibition explores the imagination of children, youth, and youthfulness at the interface between fashion and photography. It is no coincidence that these are two media where the exhibition presents an image of ourselves. This youthful...

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