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[Taste of Weather] - Baek Jungki

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-12 ~ 2018-08-15

Baek Jungki is participating in the "Taste of Weather" held at Nam-Seoul Museum of Art. This exhibition is designed to provide an opportunity to appreciate the weather in daily life and to reflect on the history and the future that have been associated with the weather. “Taste of Weather” tries to grab the beauty of nature and to think about the relations...

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[Voiceless - Return of the Foreclosed] - Soun HONG

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-26 ~ 2018-08-15

Soun HONG is participating in the special exhibition 'Voiceless – Return of the foreclosed’ at Seoul Museum of Art. This exhibition presents an opportunity to think about the problems in various areas surrounding us by illuminating the suppressed and excluded existence in our contemporary life, and to think about the social implications and possibilities ...

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[Nature as a Playground] - Hyung-geun Park, WON Seoungwon

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-09 ~ 2018-08-18

Hyung-geun Park and WON Seoungwon are participating in ‘Nature as a Playground’ which is being held at The Museum of Photography, Seoul. The museum has publicly accepted a portfolio of Korean artists in their 30s and 40s as to be a permanent sponsor and pivotal helper of the next generation of Korean photographers and has been organizing a young artist ex...

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[Digital Promenade] - KIm Ho Deuk, Geun-Taek Yoo, SeaHyun Lee, Inkie WHANG

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-12 ~ 2018-08-15

KIM Ho Deuk, Geun-Taek Yoo, Sea Hyun Lee, and Inkie WHANG are currently participating in ‘Digital Promenade’ which is held at the Seoul Museum of Art. This is commemorating its 30th anniversary of the opening of the museum. For this show, the curatorial team selected 30 of the 4,700 museum collections with the keyword ‘Nature and promenade,’ and ten works...

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[Watch and Listen, The Music Exhibition] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-17 ~ 2018-08-01

Lee Nam LEE takes part in ‘Watch and Listen, The Music Exhibition’ at the Daegu Art Factory, Exhibition Hall 2. This is the first exhibition of the Daegu New-Bauhaus project, which is an attempt to implement multi-art such as see, listen and move. It is a full-scale project and introduction of the dance film genre, in which composer,  painters, perfo...

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[Let's Wave] - Song, Chang-Ae

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-06 ~ 2018-08-31

Song Chang-Ae is currently participating in ‘Let's Wave’ exhibition which is being held at Daelim Changgo Gallery. Song shows the Waterscape series that has been working on since 2013. The Waterscape has a double meaning as a waterlandscape with water, literally meaning “The scape of water” and “The scape by water.” In this exhibition, 'Wave' is used as a...

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[People Walking the Future] - Mioon

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-16 ~ 2018-08-12

Mioon (Minsun Kim and Moonsun Choi) is taking parts in ‘People Walking the Future’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan exhibition. This exhibition commemorates the opening of the museum and explores how the future comes to us at the opportunity of a new door to the future. Here, the future means a starting of a new time and space, not the current iter...

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[Good Light Award] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-24

Lee Nam LEE received the Grand Prize in the Media Facade Contents. The 7th Seoul Metropolitan City Good Light Award is honored to works that contributed to the creation of an excellent light environment in Seoul by demonstrating the creativity of the of the lighting field such as lighting design, lighting construction, academic, and media facade contents....

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[Go through - and then] - Seo, Haegeun

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-06 ~ 2018-07-29

Seo, Haegeun is currently participating in the "Go through-and then" exhibition at ZAHA Museum. This exhibition seeks to respect, encourage, and understand the past and current generations of the contemporary art world with the artists’ point of view who are in the different generation period. “Go through” is an exhibition that will be held in two parts. ...

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[Description of Absence] - Chang Kyung KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-11 ~ 2018-07-22

Chang Kyum KIM takes part in “IAa International Inter-media Art Project-Description of Absence” exhibition held at Artspace IAa. This show starts with a question of whether the art can recreate the suffering of the alienated others and presents the works of artists who are troubled between ethical attitude and artistic will, against the ‘prejudice’ that t...

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