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[Are you free from yourself?] - Seung Young KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-30 ~ 2017-04-02

Seung Young KIM is holding is solo exhibition titled 'Are you free from yourself?' at HyangChon Cultural Center at Daegu. The 'Time Frame' where KIM’s artworks are installed is used as a bank safe for valuables and cash for a long time. Seung-young KIM presents works of gold bricks embroidered with feelings and precious values that we feel a lot. In this ...

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[Madnif d’art – Quebec City Biennial] - Yeon Doo JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-17 ~ 2017-03-14

Yeon Doo JUNG participated in Manif d’art –Quebec City Biennial which is one of Canada’s foremost contemporary art biennials. He presented new works of photography that he had worked on when he was in artist-in-residence program in Quebec, Canada in the summer of 2016. Spurred by curiosity and a desire to learn more about our beautiful city, he plann...

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[Number's Eyes] - Hyunmi YOO

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-08 ~ 2017-04-07

Hyunmi YOO is presenting a solo exhibition 'Number’s Eyes’ at the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. This exhibition recreates the museum’s space as know as ‘white cube’ into a white drawing paper, and uses a black tape to perform a huge space drawing work. For over ten years, the artist has presented a work that transforms space and objects into...

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[Nuanced Scape] - Jeong-Lok LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-02 ~ 2017-04-29

Jeong-Lok LEE is participating in 'Nuanced Scape' exhibition at ID Gallery. This is a photography exhibition which the main theme is wood and three photographers show 'subtle scenery' which is viewed with imagination-filled gaze. Those three photographers make the viewer feel unfamiliar to the scenery of the trees and give them a sense of confusion and in...

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[Parallelism/Society] - Hong-Goo Kang, Kong Sung-Hun

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-15 ~ 2017-03-31

Hong-Goo Kang, Kong Sung-Hun are participating in 'Parallelism/ Society' exhibition at Wumin Art Center. This exhibition observes our reality and the way we see it through the eyes of artists who have different perspectives of contemporary. In this exhibition, Kang Hong-gu, who captured the landscape disappearing in the inevitable process of urbanization....

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[L’homme debout] - CHUNG, HYUN

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-18 ~ 2017-03-18

CHUNG, HYUN explores the meaning and formality of the work through the traditional material called the human body. His work, which looks like an unfinished piece, is rough but contains serious concerns about human life and humanity. The exhibition features about 50 pieces of CHUNG, HYUN's sleeper works. The artist has made sleepers an important material s...

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[Painting and painting] - Jiwon Kim

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-23 ~ 2017-03-12

Jiwon Kim takes part in 'Painting and Painting' exhibition with five young artists of 'Kim Ji-won Studio' attending Korea National University of Arts. Including Ji Won Kim and five young artists - Kim Min Soo, An Hye Sang, Lim Hee Jae, Chung Ju Won, and Choi Han Chung- are expressing the world which they have experienced by their unique lifestyles while l...

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[100Albums 100Artists] - KIRA KIM, Sang-Mi PARK, Myung Ho Lee, Lee Sangwon, Seahyun LEE, Boyoung JEONG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-10 ~ 2017-03-12

KIRA KIM, Sang-Mi PARK, Myung Ho Lee, Lee Sangwon, Seahyun LEE, Boyoung JEONG are participating in '100Albums 100Artists' exhibition at Lotte Gallery (Avenuel Art Hall). Selected by Rolling Stone Magazine (as of 2005 announcement) this is an exhibition of 100 greatest albums (LP) by works of 100 famous artists in Korea. Artists were inspired by album imag...

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[2016 POMA’s New Collection] - Inkie WHANG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-19 ~ 2017-04-09

Inkie WHANG is currently participating in the '2016 POMA's New Collection' exhibition held at the Pohang Museum of Steel Art. The collections of POMA are designed to introduce the collecting policies and status of collections of the museum in the past years. Inkie WHANG’s 'Old Wind 1102 (ChangHae Island)' is a new work that was created by combining digita...

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[Wood Works - Today] - JongRye Cha

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-25 ~ 2017-03-19

JongRye Cha is participating in the exhibition 'Wood Works - Today' at Kim Chong Yung Museum. This exhibition presents the current status of Korean wood carving with the collection of the works of 28 artists who are actively working with wood. JongRye Cha is well known for attaching the carved relief to the wall after piling up the wood plywood. This exhi...

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