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[WATERSCAPE_Be Submerged] Chang-Ae Song

Exhibition Dates l 2018-10-15 ~ 2018-11-15

Chang-Ae Song is currently having her solo exhibition titled ‘WATERSCAPE_Be Submerged’ at GOODSPACE in Daegu. Waterscape is a unique expression of the artist which spray water with strong water pressure to erase and wash the background. The Waterscape is a product of a visually unverifiable ‘what,’ or subjective and sensory experience of en...

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[Juyeon KIM .JAGALMADANG] - Juyeon Kim

Exhibition Dates l 2018-04-25 ~ 2018-09-16

Juyeon KIM is currently having a solo exhibition at .JAGALMADAG Artspace. This exhibition questions of the social role of the artists and how to change the unwanted cultural heritage with anticipation for the future. Focus on the imagination and creative memory of contemporary artists who are trying to cultivate changes in the region and the city through ...

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[sf.lu.p.t] - KDK

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-05 ~ 2018-08-25

KDK is having a solo exhibition titled 'sf.lu.p.t' at Gallery BK. KDK has been expressing abstract geometric images through contemporary urban space and some parts of architecture through the form of photographs and has been pursuing a constant formative inquiry into space. The artist 's attempts were made in various forms such as capturing the exterior o...

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[Contemplative Space. Artist Note II] - Osang Gwon

Exhibition Dates l 2018-05-18 ~ 2018-08-26

Osang Gwon is currently participating in the special exhibition “Contemplative Space. Artist Note II” at WHANKI MUSEUM. This exhibition is designed to lead a society that communicates with art as a mid-long term creative art support program and to provide a venue for sympathy through art. This show, which was planned in the context of continuous academic ...

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[Sea 海 2ND] - Nak Beom KHO

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-28 ~ 2018-08-24

Gallery Joeun. The exhibition, which is held every year at the gallery, aims to show that it can become an extraordinary resort where visitors can relax and heal through artworks even in the city center. The show hopes that the artworks that give a strong impression of the hot sun in the middle of the sea become the indicator of the 'compass' of life for ...

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[In the chasm between] - Chang Hong AHN, Seahyun LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-25 ~ 2018-08-24

Chang Hong AHN and Seahyun LEE are taking parts in the exhibition “In the chasm between” at the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Lobby Gallery. The title of the incomplete sentence starts by asking how to look at the gap between the collective consciousness found in the contemporary society of capitalization and urbanization, and the humanity gap of the indiv...

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[Fullness of Color] - Kong Sung-Hun

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-18 ~ 2018-08-19

Kong Sung-Hun is participating in the 'Fullness of Color' exhibition held at the Tong-In Auction Gallery. This exhibition presents the works of 10 artists who have explored the essence of painting. The process of recognizing color is very scientific, but the process of identifying color is emotional. The psychological effects of color, that is, emotional ...

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[Discomfort on Purpose] - Jia CHANG

Exhibition Dates l 2018-06-08 ~ 2018-08-19

Jia CHANG is currently participating in “Discomfort on Purpose” at the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (SOMA). Since its opening, SOMA has been constantly planning various exhibitions with the theme of the body, and this exhibition, which is the extension of the planning, will examine the expression of the unfamiliar and difficult body in contemporary art. In...

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[2018 ACC_R Creators in Lab Showcase] - Seung JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-27 ~ 2018-08-05

Seung JUNG participates in the '2018 ACC_R Creators in Lab Showcase’ at Asia Culture Center(ACC). The 'Creators in Lab' is a residency program operated to support creators' idea realization to discover content to be exhibited at ACC. The program can involve creators, developers, and researchers from various fields such as art, engineering, science, and th...

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[Soul Tree] - Seon-ghi BAHK, Lee Nam LEE, Siyon JIN

Exhibition Dates l 2018-07-11 ~ 2018-08-17

Seon-ghi BAHK, Lee Nam LEE, and Siyon JIN are taking parts in “Soul Tree” exhibition at Oulim Art Gallery, Goyang Cultural Foundation. This ‘Soul Tree’ means something that has the power of healing. For an artist, the tree can be artistic imagination, nature, or life and origin that inherent. In this way, the exhibition intends to communicate with the aud...

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