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[Ars Ludens: Sea+Art+Fun] - Kwonjungho

Exhibition Dates l 2017-09-16 ~ 2017-10-15

Kwonjungho will take a part in Sea Art Festival 2017 ? Ars Ludens: Sea + Art + Fun at Dadaepo Beach in Busan. The Sea Art Festival was started in 1987 as a part of the pre-Olympics cultural events of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. It continued every year with the aim of providing a distinctive outdoor exhibition using the spaces of Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli ...

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[Arena] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-07-08 ~ 2017-09-17

Lee Nam LEE is currently participating in ‘Arena’ which is jointly held by Gwanju Museum of Art and Taipei Fine Art Museum. This exhibition is to commemorate of 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade competition. Arena Top of Formbrings together dance, the human body, theater, music, sound, image and text, exploring a synergetic relationship arising from the c...

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[Yatoo meets Dreieich] - Soonim Kim

Exhibition Dates l 2017-08-31 ~ 2017-09-17

Soonim Kim is currently participating in the exhibition of the 27th Kunsttage "YATOO meets Dreieich" celebrates an extraordinary event. Never before has an exhibition of Kunsttage Dreieich been filled with so many international artists. To coincide with the jubilee year of the town of Dreieich, works by 40 artists will be shown. The South Korean YATOO Kor...

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[Global Nomadic Art Project - France] - Soonim Kim

Exhibition Dates l 2017-09-05 ~ 2017-09-15

Soonim Kim is currently participating in Global Nomadic Art Project-Art Galleries in France. Since the project happened in 2015, Asia, GNAP was held in the following year in Africa and Middle East. This year in Europe, and North America is planned for 2018. In 2017 the participated european countries are France, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hung...

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[Global Nomadic Art Project - Germany] - Soonim Kim

Exhibition Dates l 2017-08-19 ~ 2017-09-03

Soonim Kim is currently participated in The Global Nomadic Art Project in Germany. This project has started 2014 with the meeting of twenty international Nature Art Curators at the Korean Yatoo Artists Association. During 'Urban Nature Art' international artists work together in 16 workshops, create a documentation of the ephemeral art works and ...

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[Here Being] - Song, Chang-Ae

Exhibition Dates l 2017-08-17 ~ 2017-08-31

Song Chang-Ae will be participating in 'Here being - Song Chang-ae · Lee Min-jeong' at Gallery Sein. The artist paints the scenery of the water using water as if having fun in water. Song uses water to draw beyond the visible objects to the senses of self. Through this method, she represents a point where nature and self become unity and presents as artwo...

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[Summer Project - Barcode] - Kwonjungho, Chang Kyum KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2017-07-21 ~ 2017-09-03

Kwonjungho and Chang Kyum KIM are currently participating in ‘Barcode’ exhibition which is held as its summer project at Y Museum. The exhibition is planned exhibition for the second time in 2017 by the Yangpyeong-gun Museum of Art and aims to present diverse topics that present the ordinary people’s life and hopes of our times, through Hyperrealism and p...

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[A Statement of Continuous Journey] - JE_:/BAAK

Exhibition Dates l 2017-07-15 ~ 2017-08-31

JE_:/BAAK is participating in the Gangjeong Daegu Contemporary Art Festival 'A Statement of Continuous Journey' in 2017. Gangjeong is a place to be a haven for leisure and relaxation for urban people who yearn for life close to nature. This festival is not held at white cube in some art museums, but a festival that displays art works based on nature so th...

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[Voice of Asia] - KANG Hyung Koo, Byungho Kim, WON SeungWon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-07-01 ~ 2017-08-27

KANG Hyung Koo, Byungho Kim, WON SeungWon are currently participating at Arario Gallery Shanghai West Bund Space's group exhibition, ‘Voice of Asia.’ In this group exhibition, 22 Asian artists including 5 Korean artists, 9 Chinese artists and 4 Japanese artists are gathered to show about 60 works. This exhibition looks at Asian artists’ current status and...

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[stil laif] - U-Ram Choe

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-03 ~ 2017-09-03

U-Ram Choe is currently holding his solo exhibition ‘stil laif’ at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition name 'stil laif' can be phonetically read as "Steel Life," "Steal Life," or even "Still Life," creating ambiguous associations for viewers. The exhibition will showcase a selection of 33 art works spanning Choe's career from 2003-2017...

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