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[Shinsegae Gallery Exhibition] - Jiwon Kim, Juyeon KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-03 ~ 2017-03-12

Jiwon Kim and Juyeon KIM are participating in a group exhibition held at Shinsegae Gallery in Daegu. This exhibition features painting, photograph, installation and sculpture filled with green under the theme of "spring" which is a little bit early. Jiwon Kim presents a series of Mendrami paintings depicting joys and sorrows of our lives through the paint...

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[Regard sur la Corée] - Jeong-Lok LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-14 ~ 2017-03-26

Jeong-Lok LEE is participating in 'Regard sur la Corée-Beyond the Horizon' exhibition at the chaple of the Hotel-Dieu, Dreux in France. This exhibition of photographs and video, proposed in the chapel of the hotel-Dieu allows to discover the art and the culture of Korea. Lee Jeong-Lok lives and works in Seoul (South Korea) and it is the fir...

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[Shadow of a Pine Tree] - Seon-ghi BAHK, Gilrae LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-24 ~ 2017-04-12

Seon-ghi BAHK and Gilrae LEE participates in Opera Gallery Singpagore's exhibition titled 'Shadow of a Pine Tree - A glimpse of Korean Contemporary Art'. This presents three renowned and celebrated Korean artists that reflect their quest for progress and development in art, artistry, technique and creativity as they seek reconciliation and balance bewtwee...

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[Native revisions] - Suntag NOH

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-11 ~ 2017-04-12

Suntag NOH takes part in an exhibition titled 'Native revisions' at LASALLE college of the arts. This exhibition presents photography and moving image by four artists from Asia who have returned to particular locations over a number of years. Suntag NOH frequently visits a village in South Korea neighboured by a United States military base with providing ...

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[sueño339 Opening Commemorative Exhibition] - Sohee CHO

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-07 ~ 2017-03-05

Sohee CHO will participate in the opening commemorative exhibition taking place in sueño339, a multi cultural space, Seoul. The exhibition presents diverse forms of dreams through installation, painting, video, and sculpture on the theme of 'Building a dream on the site of the present day'. Sohee CHO has been working on labor-intensive installations using...

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[Pyeongchang Biennale] - Mioon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-03 ~ 2017-02-26

Mioon participates in a main exhibition of Pyeongchang Biennale titled ‘The Five moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown.’ Pyeongchang Biennale celebrating its third anniversary this year, was established in 2013 for the successful hosting of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. The biennale which consists of a main exhibition, a sub-exhibition, ...

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[The New Case For Time] - Donghun SUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-30 ~ 2017-02-28

Donghun SUNG is presenting his solo exhibition 'The New Case For Time' at Museum of Goa in India. This exhibition presents his new works under the theme of time that he created by staying in India. In the exhibition, experimental and fantastic sculptures by Donghun SUNG made using disparate materials such as antiques, vintage gizmos, scrap metal are bein...

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[Land and People]- Kira Kim

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-03 ~ 2017-03-12

Kira Kim takes part in an exhibition titled 'Land And People' at the Cairns Regional Gallery in Australia. Six Asian artists participate in this new media art exhibition and discuss natural and human relationships and the natural and man-made disasters that occur between them. Kira Kim has been asking about the confrontation and conflict of...

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[The room; sharing of thought] - Kwon, In Kyung

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-20 ~ 2017-03-01

Kwon, In Kyung participates in a duo exhibition titled ‘The room; sharing of thought’ taking place in Lotte Gallery, Gwangju. Kwon In Kyung reinterprets Korean traditional paintings in a modern way through a unique expression method using Korean traditional painting materials together with Western collage technique and acrylic paint. The exhibition propos...

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[Suh, Yongsun] - Suh Yongsun

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-13 ~ 2017-04-09

Suh Yongsun is currently holding his solo exhibition 'Suh, Yongsun' at Bongsan Cultural Center in Daegu. Suh Yongsun, who has explored human beings with self-portrait, city, history, and myth, has continued his works to capture 'thoughts' and 'sensibility' rather than representing objects. In this exhibition, his self-portrait 'A hand being drawn', city p...

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