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[Dong Hak] - Suh Yongsun, Bocsu JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-09 ~ 2017-02-05

Suh Yongsun and Bocsu JUNG are taking part in a group exhibition ‘Dong Hak’ held at Jeonbuk Museum of Art. The exhibition was organized to look into ideology of Dong Hak advocated by Choe Je-u in 1860 and historical significance of Donghak Peasant Revolution started in 1894 by peasants who believed Dong Hak. Including Suh Yongsun and Bocsu JUNG, 19 a...

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[The SEOUL Project] - Kwon, In Kyung

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-14 ~ 2016-12-27

Kwon, In Kyung is taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘the SEOUL Project’ held at Seum Art Space. In the exhibition, 4 artists active in the field of Korean painting tell their own stories through paintings and drawings that captured landscapes of Seoul. Through the Seoul sceneries, Kwon, In Kyung looks into psychological landscapes formed ...

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[Myeongnyun-dong, Hwa] - Seung JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-14 ~ 2016-12-30

Seung JUNG takes part in a group exhibition titled ‘Myeongnyun-dong, Hwa’ taking place in Space CAN. In the exhibition, Seung JUNG who has participated in the 2016 Myeongnyun-dong artist residency program presents the result obtained after a year of hard work. The exhibition showcases total three resident artists’ diverse works of art created through the ...

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[Mille-feuille de camélia] - Hong-Goo Kang

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-09 ~ 2017-02-12

Hong-Goo Kang participates in a group exhibition titled ‘Mille-feuille de camélia’ taking place in Arko Art Center. In the exhibition organized in cooperation with Korean and Taiwanese curators 5 Korean and 5 Taiwanese artists talk about the distinctiveness and universality of the two different countries. The title, ‘Mille-feuille de camélia’ implies the ...

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[Identity] - JeongMee Yoon, Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-08 ~ 2017-01-28

JeongMee Yoon and Han Sungpil participate in a group exhibition titled ‘Identity’ taking place in RuArts Gallry located in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition presents artworks of 8 Korean artists who lead Korean contemporary art being active in the art world. JeongMee Yoon showcases her ‘The Pink, Blue Project’ series and Han Sungpil showcases his photographs...

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[Light 2016] - Insook KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-30 ~ 2017-02-26

Insook KIM is taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘Light 2016’ that is the 16th Ha Jung-woong Young Artist Invitational Exhibition taking place in Gwangju Museum of Art. Gwangju Museum of Art has held the exhibition every year since 2001 to discover and support talented young artists. In this year, total 5 artists including Insook KIM will showcase t...

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[Mastery of Craft] - Bong Chae SON

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-15 ~ 2016-12-29

Bong Chae SON participates in a group exhibition titled ‘Mastery of Craft’ taking place in Opera Gallery, Miami, the United States. This is a collaborative exhibition between international contemporary artists and HUBLOT, Swiss watch brand presenting its slogan ‘Art of Fusion.’ The exhibition features diverse artworks that blur the line between craftsmans...

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[A SUSTAINING LIFE] - Osang Gwon, Joon Kim, Myoung Ho Lee, JongRye Cha

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-30 ~ 2017-03-11

Osang Gwon, Joon Kim, Myoung Ho Lee, and JongRye Cha take part in a group exhibition ‘A SUSTAINING LIFE’ taking place in Waterfall Mansion and Gallery, New York. Various artworks by total 42 international artists from Spain, Singapore, Israel, China, Japan, and others including 4 KAP artists and a renowned Dutch graphic artist, M.C Escher will be showcase...

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[Art Miami] - Koh Sang Woo

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-29 ~ 2016-12-04

Koh Sang Woo participates in one of world’s best art fairs, Art Maiami taking place in Miami, the United States. Total 125 art galleries from various countries gather together and showcase world famous modern and contemporary artworks. The fair will offer viewers a whole panorama of the international contemporary art movement. Koh Sang Woo who’s participa...

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[2016 Gwangju Media Art Festival] - Lee Nam LEE, Jeong-Lok LEE, Siyon JIN

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-25 ~ 2016-11-27

Lee Nam LEE, Jeong-Lok LEE, and Siyon JIN take part in 2016 Gwangju Media Art Festival. The festival started in 2012 to promote people’s interest and understanding of Media art. In this year, it invites audience participation by combining Media art with the performance and show under the theme of ‘Art Live.’ Lee Nam LEE, Jeong-Lok LEE, and Siyon JIN take ...

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