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[The Sculpture] - Osang Gwon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-07 ~ 2017-01-26

Osang Gwon holds his solo exhibition titled ‘The Sculpture’ at Arario Gallery in China. The exhibition which is his first solo show in Shanghai presents Gwon’s oeuvre: Deodorant Type’, ‘The Flat’, ‘The Sculpture’ ‘New Structure’ ‘Relief.’ The exhibition showcasing his 2016 new works opens from November 7, 2016 to January 26, 2017. *Exhibition:...

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[2016 Experimental Art Project –The moon, round like a little plate] - JAE HOON LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-28 ~ 2016-11-30

JAE HOON LEE is taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘2016 Experimental Art Project –The moon, round like a little plate’ held at Daegu Art Factory. The project making this year its third has showcased experimental and creative artworks of native and foreign young artists every year. The exhibition under the theme of ‘The moon, round like a little pla...

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[2016 Suncheon Bay International Eco-Environmental Art Festival] - KIRA KIM, Yongbaek LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-18 ~ 2016-12-18

KIRA KIM and Yongbaek LEE participate in ‘2016 Suncheon Bay International Eco-Environmental Art Festival’ that will be held at Suncheon Bay National Garden. Under the theme of ‘Voyage into paradise’, the festival invites audiences to a journey with art to a paradise escaping from dystopian circumstances of today. In the festival, an exhibition 1 titled ‘V...

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[2016 Seoul Photo Festival] - RYU Biho, Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-01 ~ 2016-11-30

RYU Biho and Han Sungpil take part in 2016 Seoul Photo Festival. The main exhibition titled ‘Seoul New 新 Arirang – Like Thousand Miles of Rivers’ held at Buk Seoul Museum of Art Exhibition Hall deals with the subject of Globalization and Urbanization in Seoul which are inextricable from the rapid growth of the city, as well as consequential internal and ...

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[The Secret Garden] - WON SeoungWon, Myoung Ho Lee

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-18 ~ 2017-03-05

WON SeoungWon and Myoung Ho Lee are participating in a group exhibition titled ‘The Secret Garden’ held at Seoul Museum. The exhibition reproduced a storybook titled ‘The Secret Garden’ written by a famous English novelist, Frances Hodgson Burnett through works of art; it will be a resting place in the urban space for exhausted modern people comforting th...

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[The Temperature of One Span Long - The Aesthetics of Measuring Relations] - Seung Young KIM, Beak Jungki

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-01 ~ 2016-12-31

Seung Young KIM and Beak Jungki are taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘The Temperature of One Span Long - The Aesthetics of Measuring Relations’ at Blume Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibition will be an opportunity to measure an abstract concept, ‘Relations between people’ by numerical values such as a temperature or a distance. An installati...

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[Choe U-Ram; [stil laif]] - U-Ram Choe

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-01 ~ 2017-02-12

U-Ram Choe holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Choe U-Ram; [stil laif]’ at Daegu Art Museum. Choe creates an elaborate machine using metallic materials which seems to have a life of its own. He gives each of his works a scientific name and it helps viewers to further expand their imagination. The exhibition containing his works since 2002 until now will ope...

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[Uncertainty, Connection and Coexistence] - Chang Kyum KIM, Mioon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-09-30 ~ 2017-01-30

Chang Kyum KIM and Mioon are taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘Uncertainty, Connection and Coexistence’ celebrating the first anniversary of Suwon I Park Museum of Art. The exhibition deals with an issue of the interrelationship in modern society that is an age of uncertainity: the interrelationship among living organisms that coexist having littl...

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[Strange Face] - Chang Hong AHN

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-21 ~ 2016-11-20

Chang Hong AHN takes part in a group exhibition titled ‘Strange Face’ opens at Gallery Lux. AHN showcases his paintings and drawings of human faces representing what humans got inside rather than showing the conventional concept of aesthetics and beauty of a human face. The show will run from October 21 until November 20. *Exhibition: Strange F...

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[Lee Nam LEE‘s solo exhibition] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-05 ~ 2016-12-04

Lee Nam LEE holds his solo and duo exhibitions taking part in Belgian international art exhibition for new technology art titled 'Update_6' at Zebrastraat and Sint-Jacobskerk. In Zebrastraat where his solo exhibition opens, total 19 works including ‘Hybridizing Earth’ that combined Google’s VR technology will be presented. In Sint-Jacobskerk where the duo...

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