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[Neo-naturalism] - Seahyun LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-05 ~ 2017-02-22

Seahyun LEE is participating in an exhibition titled ‘Neo-naturalism’ at Ilwoo Space. This exhibition presents works under the theme of Neo-naturalism, which depicts nature and everyday life in an objective and realistic way of expression, not a exaggerated or beautified depiction of objects. Seahyun LEE, who is well known for his red landscape painting, ...

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[Light surveyors] - Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-22 ~ 2017-03-28

Han Sungpil participates in the 'Light Surveyors' exhibition, which will be held at the abbey of Saint-Riquier in France. The exhibition was organized under the theme of the Somme Bay, one of the world's most beautiful bays. The exhibition showcases paintings of Alfred Manessier―a French abstract painter known for his delicate lines and various expression...

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[Defensive Measure] - Jongjun SON

Exhibition Dates l 2017-01-05 ~ 2017-01-26

Jongjun SON holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Defensive Measure’ taking place in Art Space Jungmiso in Seoul, Korea. Jongjun SON was selected as an artist for Technology & Human being in the themed competitive exhibition ‘Return to Alternative’ in 2016 organized by Art Space Jungmiso. He has explored human defense mechanisms through sculptures an...

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[A Flower bloomed in despair, Chung Rok Poetry Book] - Suh Yongsun

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-29 ~ 2017-01-25

Suh Yongsun is taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘A Flower bloomed in despair, Chung Rok Poetry Book’ held at Yongin Poeun Art Hall. The exhibition is a literary painting exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the publication of the ‘Chung Rok Poetry Book’ and the 100th anniversary of the birth of a poet Park Doo jin. A total of 7 artists...

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[A Private Square] - KIRA KIM, RYU Biho

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-21 ~ 2017-02-04

KIRA KIM and RYU Biho are taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘A Private Square(working title)’ held at Wumin Art Center. The exhibition looks at the problems of society as a whole through individual problems and raises questions about the social issues which have been tolerated being regarded as personal problems, and the collective responsibility f...

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[KMAC Celebratory Exhibition] - Myungkeun KOH, Sung-soo KOO, Seon-ghi BAHK, Yongbaek LEE, HYUN CHUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-26 ~ 2017-03-31

Myungkeun KOH, Sung-soo KOO, Seon-ghi BAHK, Yongbaek LEE, and HYUN CHUNG are participating in a celebratory exhibition taking place in K Museum of Contemporary Art(KACA) where newly opened on December 26. The exhibition celebrating its opening consists of two parts, ‘Before the Beginning and After the End’ and ‘Lobbyist.’ Yongbaek LEE presents his me...

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[The Most Beautiful Weight] - Kyungwoo Chun

Exhibition Dates l 2016-04-19 ~ 2017-04-09

Kyungwoo Chun is holding his solo exhibition titled ‘The Most Beautiful Weight’ at MAC VAL in Paris, France. He took part in the MAC VAL residency program from November 2015 to February 2016 to celebrate Korea-France Year 2015-2016 and present the result in the exhibition. The exhibition consists of two projects that Chun worked on in Val-de-Marne territo...

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[Home Cinema] - Yeon Doo JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-12 ~ 2017-01-03

Yeon Doo JUNG is taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘Home Cinema’ held at OCT & Design Gallery in Shenzhen, China. Total 17 international new media artists participated in the exhibition that was organized to explore the influence of new technology on the cinematic art and our lives in the digital age. In the exhibition, Yeon Doo JUNG encou...

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[Experience Pommery #13: Gigantesque!] - Jeonghwa CHOI

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-14 ~ 2017-05-31

Jeonghwa CHOI is taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘Experience Pommery #13: Gigantesque!’ held at Domaine Pommery in Reims, France. Since 2003, world-renowned French champagne brand Pommery has held an exhibition ‘Experience Pommery' every year to support contemporary artists. The invited artists are able to showcase their works of art inside the h...

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[Soul-Mirror] - Biho Ryu Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-17 ~ 2017-01-14

Biho Ryu is holding his solo exhibition titled ‘Soul-Mirror’ at Corner Art Space. In his works of video art, Biho Ryu has conveyed stories of people neglected by society through literary references. In the exhibition, he talks about people’s essential emotions, loneliness and alienation through his 4 video works: Lonely Love, Walk, The Scenes of Mind...

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