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[KIM Ho Deuk.ZIP-Fullness, Emptiness] - KIM Ho Deuk

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-30 ~ 2017-06-17

KIM Ho Deuk is presenting his solo exhibition 'KIM Ho Deuk.ZIP-Fullness, Emptiness’, at Paradise ZIP. This exhibition organizes and synthesizes the works of the artist during the past, and has developed a step from previous exhibitions that have dealt with space and time. The paradox of two opposing words, Fullness and Emptiness, show an extende...

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[Animal Companions] - JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-12 ~ 2017-06-07

JeongMee Yoon is currently holding her solo exhibition under the title of "Companion Animals" at Gallery Space Opt. This exhibition focuses on the relationship between the companion animal and the person who are firmly established as a member of the family. Photographer JeongMee Yoon has photographed a way to show the space in which they live in, and...

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[Do it, 2017 Seoul!] - Jia CHANG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-28 ~ 2017-07-09

Jia CHANG is participating in the ongoing 'Do it, 2017 Seoul!' Exhibition at Ilmin Museum of Art. This is a Seoul edition of the exhibition platform 'do it' which was planned with curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and artists Christian Boltanski, Bertrand LAVIER together, based on work manuals and directives, games or protocols written by the artists so that the...

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[From Family to Family] - JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-28 ~ 2017-05-30

JeongMee Yoon is participating in the 'From Family to Family' exhibition at the Lotte Department Store in Daegu. The exhibition was designed with the intention of reflecting on the meaning of the family. Including Jungmee Yoon, four other artists participate with various forms such as photographs, dojo and paintings and re-interpret families with their ow...

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[Spring, Comma, Start of Leisure] - Lee Sangwon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-06 ~ 2017-06-18

Lee Sangwon is presently participating in 'Spring, Comma, Start of Leisure' exhibition at Goyang Aram Nuri Art Museum. This exhibition aims to present a new direction for the leisure life of modern people who spend leisure time by watching TV, Internet and games. It hopes that this will be a time for modern people to look back on themselves by thinking ab...

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[New SEOUL Project] - Kwon, In Kyung

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-26 ~ 2017-05-26

Kwon, In Kyung is presently participating in the exhibition "New SEOUL Project" which is being held in Gallery Hanul, Spain Korean Cultural Center. The exhibition features four artists who have been working in the landscape, especially the cityscape, and is composed of paintings newly introduced in 2017. Starting from 2014, the four artists have been walk...

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[Walk in the light] - Seon-ghi BAHK

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-27 ~ 2017-07-09

Seon-ghi BAHK is holding his solo exhibition 'Walk in the light' at Moa Museum in Gonjiam Resort. In this exhibition, the artist presents four installation works using various materials such as acrylic beads, acrylic mirror and table tennis ball, etc. Through this, the artist asks the viewer what their vision, perception, and existence are, and ...

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[Lesson 0] - Hein-kuhn OH

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-31 ~ 2017-06-18

Hein-kuhn OH is currently participating in 'Lesson O' at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon. This is designed to think about the main problems of contemporary life through contemporary art, and inquires about the customs and situation of learning, teaching, and education. Hein-kuhn OH and various artists present the notion of education forming ...

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[Intervention] - Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-27 ~ 2017-06-14

Han Sungpil is holding his solo exhibition at ILWOO Space ‘Intervention’, which is the commemoration of the 7th ILWOO Photography Prize 2016. The work style of Han Sung-pil, expressed in intense and fascinating colors and forms, expresses the unclear boundaries created by conflicts and compromises between the rational understanding of the global environme...

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[Sky-Unlock the Roots] - Youngmin KANG, Yangachi

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-14 ~ 2017-06-04

Youngmin KANG, Yangachi are currently participating in the exhibition ‘Sky- Unlock the Roots’, which is being held at the Zaha Museum. This exhibition reveals the notion of "sky" that comes from a sense of ethics that "the sky knows, the earth knows and I know" or "the sky is looking down". It is a kind of live performance that a kind of Gut(exorcism) per...

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