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[Another Ladder] - Sohee CHO

Exhibition Dates l 2017-11-15 ~ 2017-12-10

'Another Ladder', a solo exhibition by Sohee CHO, is being held in Sueño 339. The main theme of this solo exhibition is a threaded ladder. A thread is easily broken and soft when it is alone, but it has the ability to be strong when it is combined with other thread or other materials. The thread has the ability to connect two different areas, which is als...

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[The Wind finally Crosses the Water] - Eunkyung Choi

Exhibition Dates l 2017-11-15 ~ 2017-11-28

Eunkyung Choi is holding her solo exhibition titled ‘The Wind finally Crosses the Water’ at Namu Artist’s Space. In this exhibition, Choi shows her thoughts regarding the shape of Painting’s original figure. The prototype of the painting that the artist thinks is ourselves’ forgotten, yet original faces that must be found and met again to become a whole. ...

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[2017 Seoul Photo Festival] - JeongMee Yoon, Anna Lim

Exhibition Dates l 2017-10-31 ~ 2017-11-26

JeongMee Yoon and Anna Lim are participating in 2017 Seoul Photo Festival. This festival is held at Buk Seoul Museum of Art, SeMA Storage, Platform Changdong 61, Art Nine Cinema and HaechiMadang in Gwanghwamun Square under the title of “Community for Self-Reflection: State, Individuals and Us.” The theme of 2017 Seoul Photo Festival is social conflict of ...

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[Young Artist Media Art Festival] - Mioon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-08-29 ~ 2018-03-31

Mioon (Minsun Kim and Moonsun Choi) are currently participating in Young Artist Media Art, Seoul. This Young Artist Media Art introduces media arts of young artists on the theme of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Young Artists Meda Arts Festival is a cultural art program organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Art Council Korea as p...

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[Jeju Biennale 2017 Tourism] - Youngmean KANG, Yeon Doo JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-09-02 ~ 2017-12-03

Youngmean KANG and Yeon Doo JUNG are taking part in ‘Jeju Biennale 2017 Tourism’. Jeju Biennale aims to art activities closely related to Jeju Island society based on the social practice of art and looks into Jeju today through tourism as a pivotal issue of Jeju society. Jeju Biennale, which seeks to find a point of criticism and reflection in an art proj...

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[Thoughts on Thoughts] - Anna Lim

Exhibition Dates l 2017-10-14 ~ 2017-11-30

Anna Lim is currently participating in “Thoughts on Thoughts” at Jean Gallery. This exhibition is to commemorate the three years of the late Hae Chul Shin. The aim of this exhibition is not only to remember the legendary singer but also to make his idea lives with us in the present era. To this end, active artists from various fields look at Hae Chul Shin...

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[Deoksugung Outdoor Project: Light·Sound·Landscape] - Yeon Doo JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-09-01 ~ 2017-11-26

Yeon Doo JUNG is currently participating in 'Deoksugung Outdoor Project: Light·Sound·Landscape'. This exhibition is co-hosted by MMCA and the Deoksugung Palace Office of the Cultural Heritage Administration. It was commemorated the 120th anniversary of the declaration of the Korean Empire (1897). In 2012 in collaboration with Cultural Heritage Administrat...

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[When Two Galaxies Merge] - Yangachi

Exhibition Dates l 2017-09-08 ~ 2017-11-22

Yangachi is currently having a solo exhibition at Atelier Hermès  entitled "When Two Galaxies Merge". Anything is possible When Two Galaxies  Merge, in the words of Korean artist Yangachi, creator of an immersive installation that explores the nature of perception. The exhibition’s title announces, quite literally, the ‘happening’ within the exh...

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[Lee Gil Rae] - Gilrae LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-11-14 ~ 2017-12-05

Gilrae LEE’s invitation exhibition will be held at Opera Gallery in New York. He works with sculpture, a medium he approaches with poise and dexterity. Over time, he has turned his focus towards the multidimensional representation of the pine tree. A tree which is ubiquitous within his native country, Korea, and emblematic of its regional, traditional val...

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[A Blending Space] - Myungkeun KOH

Exhibition Dates l 2017-11-02 ~ 2017-12-30

Myungkeun KOH will present a solo exhibition titled ‘A Blending Space’ at Tokyo Gallery+BTAP. He will be showing in Japan for the first time in 11 years since his last exhibition at the gallery in 2006. This show will exhibit works based on photographs he has taken of cities in Asia. Koh uses photography, a two-dimensional medium, but transforms...

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