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[Door to Door] - Boyoung JEONG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-22 ~ 2017-04-10

Boyoung JEONG is taking a part in the exhibition 'Door to Door' at Shinsegae Gallery Incheon. This exhibition features installation, painting, and photographic works of five contemporary artists, including Boyoung JEONG, under the theme of 'Door'. Boyoung JEONG’s door, which appears in the depth of painting scenery, is always open. Lig...

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[2017 Pool Rising] - An Gyungsu

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-20 ~ 2017-04-16

An Gyungsu is participating in the <2017 Pool Rising> exhibition at ArtSpace Pool. This exhibition, which started with the purpose of funding the space operation, asks how to take an economic strategy to survive as an alternative space and how to differentiate this from general market theory. It is meaningful that 62 artists/teams, including An Gyun...

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[Straniamento – Seemingly familiar or seemingly unfamiliar] - Jongku Kim, WON SeoungWon, Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-29 ~ 2017-04-30

Jongku Kim, WON SeoungWon, Han Sungpil are currently participating in the exhibition "Straniamento: Strange but Familiar" at Le Murate Progetti Arte, Florence, Italy. Approximately 20 artworks including photography, video, performance, painting and sculpture of 7 Korean contemporary artists. As an extension of the Florence Korea Film Fest 2017 (23 March t...

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Call for Artists 2017 Korean Artist Project

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-01 ~ 2017-03-20

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[Middle of Now | Here] - Jeonghwa CHOI

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-08 ~ 2017-05-08

Jeonghwa CHOI is currently participating in Honolulu Biennial 2017, ‘Middle of Now | Here’. Hawaii. This biennial is a new, multi-site, contemporary visual arts festival throughout various sites within the city. ‘Middle of Now | Here’ showcases the diversity of ideas, art, and culture from the people who live today throughout the places connected by the P...

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Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-16 ~ 2017-04-15

Gap Chul LEE takes part in a contemporary photography exhibition held at Korea Cultural Center in Brussels, Belgium. This exhibition is combining seven well-known and talented photographers of Korea, more than hundred images will be presented including nature, the people. the past and the present of Korea. Gapchul LEE takes the sources of the inner lives ...

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[Dambit, opening 2017- the year of Red Chicken] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-06 ~ 2017-03-29

Lee Nam LEE is participating in a special exhibition held at Dambit Art Storage in Dambit Artspace, Damyang. The exhibition 'Dambit, opening 201- the year of Red Chicken’ is involving artists who are based in Damyang and features 46 artworks from various genres such as photographs, sculptures, ceramics, and media. 12 artists, including Lee Nam Lee who is ...

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[Tree & Desert] - Myoung Ho LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-03 ~ 2017-03-31

Myoung Ho Lee’s solo exhibition 'Tree & Desert' is ongoing in Soul Art Space, Busan. This the first time showing his solo exhibiton in Busan, viewers can enjoy his new work along with his last representative works that have been published for a long time. The artist, who carefully selects the objects, captured trees and a desert in his camer...

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[Light & Shadows] - Seon-ghi BAHK, Bong Chae SON, Gilrae LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-16 ~ 2017-04-01

Seon-ghi BAHK, Bong Chae SON, and Gilrae LEE are participating in Opera Gallery Beirut’s exhibition titled ‘Light & Shadows – A curated selection of Korean Artists’. The Korean art scene completely bloomed during the last decades and this exhibition showcases a selection of our best Korean artwork. Seon-ghi Bahk shows how de-structured things can sti...

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[La vie en rose] - Soun HONG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-10 ~ 2017-04-02

Soun HONG is currently holding his solo exhibition 'La vie en rose' at Space Willing & Dealing in Bangbae-dong, Seoul. This exhibition presents new works that the artist has worked from last year to the last, and pink tones of paintings are filled up in the exhibition space. Soun HONG does not depict the scene directly, but portraits the scene as a bl...

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