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[Seung-soon PARK] - Seung-soon PARK

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-16 ~ 2017-07-10

Park Seung-soon had her solo exhibition, ‘Seung-soon PARK’, with Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation Dongtan Art Space and Mum Art Gallery’s co-organization. In this exhibition, audience can meet the works of Seung-soon PARK who has been using colorful line and plane to create abstracts. PARK has been actively involved in France and Korea since the 1980s. S...

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[Sky, Touch the Air] - Kang Un

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-18 ~ 2017-07-31

Kang Un is currently holding a solo exhibition titled ‘Sky, Touch the air’ at Françoise Livinec Gallery in France. In this exhibition, ‘Air and Dreams’ series which the background color is covered with dyed Korean paper, Hanji, and then layered thin and small pieces of Hanji on it to express the shape of various change of cloud. Also, the gallery exhibits...

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[Union Art Fair 2017] - Hyung-geun Park, Seo, Haeguen, Lee Sangwon, Seung JUN, Choi Eunkyung, Ha Tae-Bum

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-23 ~ 2017-07-02

Hyung-geun Park, Seo, Haeguen, Lee Sangwon, Seung JUN, Choi Eunkyung, and Ha Tae-Bum are currently participating in 'Union Art Fair 2017 - union ART + plus X'. This is an art festival and art market that 160 contemporary artists create the fair together. The 'Union Art Fair', which celebrates its second year, shows the creativity of artists through the ac...

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[Behind the Scenes] - Yeon Doo JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-02 ~ 2017-08-13

Yeondoo Jung is featured in a solo exhibition titled ‘Yeondoo Jung: Behind the Scenes’ at the Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. This exhibition features the large-scale projection of the artist’s 2007 video work, Documentary Nostalgia. The video depicts specific locations from the artist’s memories, including his parents’ home and father’s...

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[8th Artists' Open Studio] - Sangwoo Kang

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-28 ~ 2017-07-01

Sangwoo Kang is currently taking a part in the ‘8th Artists’ Open Studio’, which presents the artist's activities in the 8th Geumcheon Art Factory. The 8-year-old Geumcheon Art Factory Open Studio is a special event that opens the studios (workshops) of residents only once a year to people for only four days. This year’s  ‘Open Studio’, which will be...

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[Looking into Korea Art, Part2: Dansaekhwa] - Byoungho Kim, Jonak KIM, Suh Yongsun

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-17 ~ 2017-09-03

Byoungho Kim, Jonak KIM, Suh Yongsun are currently taking parts in ‘Looking into Korea Art, Part2: Dansaekhwa’ exhibition at Museum SAN. In order to understand  Korean contemporary art, this exhibition is designed to experience the difference in color, material, texture, technique and various charms through monochromatic paintings. Dansaekhwa(Monochr...

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[Family Report] - Insook KIM, JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-28 ~ 2017-07-09

Insook KIM and JeongMee Yoon are currently taking parts in ‘Family Report’ at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art. A family is a social structure that’s existence is as old as human history. As society has experienced change, the concepts and forms of a family has also changed, due to the direct correlation between them. Family Report examines how the definitio...

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[Stars of stars] - An Gyungsu

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-01 ~ 2017-08-23

An Gyungsu is participating in the 'Stars of Stars' exhibition at the Gyeongnam Art Museum. This exhibition is based on the view that the universal meaning of ‘stars’ is expressed in literary and formative context, and also illuminates contemporary social values through the vernacular crossing points of ‘stars of stars’ which is Korean idio...

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[Tuning of Energy] - KIM Ho Deuk

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-11 ~ 2017-07-05

KIM Ho Deuk is currently participating in the 'Tuning of Energy' exhibition at the Arts Center Kuh. Since the 2000s, there are many works of Korean contemporary art have been appeared. It tends to search for the self identity of artists through various themes and is acknowledged in the world art world because of its unique and distinctive theme. This...

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[Painting of Companion Communication] - JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-16 ~ 2017-07-09

JeongMee Yoon participates in 'Korean Contemporary Art Series Ⅱ _ Painting of Companion Communication (畵畵-伴侶.交感)’ exhibition at Sejong Museum of Art. This exhibition collects artworks and artists who have interpreted the animals and plants as “companion”, which is a way to share emotions with people and receive comfort from each other, not the meani...

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