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[Water that Remembers All] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-08 ~ 2017-06-11

Lee Nam LEE writer participates in the exhibition 'Water to Remember Everything', which is presented at Kim Tschang-Yeul Art Museum. This exhibition is based on the theme of "water" at the contact point of Kim Tschang-Yeul's art world and humanistic elements and is designed to provide a place of deep thought about the water that has been deeply related to...

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[Accidentally, the night again] - An Gyungsu

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-19 ~ 2017-06-28

An Gyungsu is currently participating in the exhibition "Accidentally, the night again" at Wumin Art Center. This exhibition tries to find the practical role of art in the present where the age of uncertainty has become a daily life. This exhibition looks at the "constraint" of "uncertainty", which is metaphorically from "night" to "Accidentally...

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[Body, the Language of Sensation] - Koh Sang Woo, Joon KIM, Lee Nam LEE, Bocsu JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-31 ~ 2017-07-05

Koh Sang Woo, Jooon KIM, Lee Nam LEE and Bocsu JUNG are participating in the exhibition of 'Body, the Language of Sensation’ at Muan Seungwoo Oh Museum of Art. This exhibition invites 19 middle - aged artists who are active on the theme of 'body' which is the oldest medium in art history and exhibit their artworks divided into two parts; ‘Noble Body-Disap...

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[ART BUSAN 2017] - KANG Un, Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-02 ~ 2017-06-05

KANG Un and Lee Nam LEE are currently participating in 'ART BUSAN 2017' at BEXCO in Busan. This exhibition which has opened since 2012 aims to make Busan into a city of culture and art, present various artworks introducing the present and future of contemporary art. This is the largest cultural and arts event in Korea, leading the national and local econo...

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[Unfinished Relay] - MIOON

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-25 ~ 2017-07-09

A media artist duo ‘MIOON’ with members of Minsun Kim and Moonsun Choi is currently holding a solo exhibition at ARKO Art Center. ‘Unfinished Relay’ shows new works of art that provide the artist’s interpretation on the issue of ‘public.’ Since the early 2000s, MIOON has explored issues such as audience, mass, and groups via video and installation. This e...

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[Polar Heir] - Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-31 ~ 2017-07-29

Han Sung-pil's solo exhibition is being held at the Blanca Berlin Gallery in Madrid, Spain. This exhibition is part of the 20th anniversary of PhotoEspaña. The artist has been exhibiting photographs, images and installation works through his Façade project, solving the basic questions and forms of the photographic medium called 'original and reproduction'...

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[Belle Epoque] - Ligyung

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-30 ~ 2017-06-30

Ligyung is currently holding her solo exhibition "Belle Epoque" in Art Space Ben. In this exhibition, The exhibition includes a variety of works as follows: Lenticular pieces, which create new images through transformation of the masterpieces of the old masters;  a sculpture of Pieta, which was made by carefully joining about 140,000 artificial jewel...

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[Artist Live Showcase] - JE_:/BAAK

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-23

JE_:/BAAK will participate in the 'Artist Live Showcase' by the artist every week for the month of June, 2017. This showcase focuses on 'Happen' rather than new or finished works by putting the value of art in a progressive form. is a place to ask questions about the act of ‘seeing’ which the artist has been troubled so far through new media performance....

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[Artist Live Showcase] - JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-03 ~ 2017-06-04

JeongMee Yoon will participate in 'Artist Live Showcase' which is held by artists every week for one month in June, 2017. This showcase focuses on 'Happen' rather than new or finished works by putting the value of art in a progressive form. JeongMee Yoon's is an experiment on "Can subjective values ​​of individuals be reduced to objective economic values...

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[Nabi] - Jeong-Lok LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-18 ~ 2017-06-17

Jeong-Lok LEE is presenting his solo exhibition 'Nabi' at the BK Gallery in Seoul. In this exhibition, he presents his butterfly series, which means insect butterfly, symbolizes soul, and also means 'prophet' in Hebrew. Jeong-Lok LEE set up the light of butterfly in the space where the human and the god communicate, and the mystery where the nature existe...

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