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[Score: Music for Everyone] - Sang Hyun Lee

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-21 ~ 2017-05-21

Sang Hyun Lee is participating in which is held in Gallery 2, 3, Sunken Garden of Daegu Art Museum. This exhibition is a contemporary art exhibition with music being closely associated with our life as the key motif. The exhibition recognizes ‘harmony’, an aesthetic attribute of music, as the symmetry of art referring to balance, attempting for a harmony...

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[New Encounter] - Song, Chang-Ae

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-04 ~ 2017-05-28

Song, Chang-Ae is participating in '2017 Youngeun Museum of Art's New Collection - New Encounter' exhibition at Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art.  Since the opening of Youngeun Museum in November 2000, it is a collection of new collections that are constantly being held, mainly focusing on works collected during the period of 2013-2015. Audience c...

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[Fantasy makers: Fashion and Art] - Juyeon KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2017-02-27 ~ 2017-05-28

Juyeon KIM is currently participating in 'Fantasy makers: Fashion and Art' exhibition at Daegu Museum of Art. This exhibition focuses on the pure creativity found in both fashion and art, and the elements that stimulate human fantasy created from creation. Through this fantasy, this exhibition aims to guide to the unconscious world that is laten...

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[Kwonjungho & COSKUN] - Kwon Jung-Ho

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-02 ~ 2017-05-28

Kwon Jung-ho is participating in the exhibition 'Kwonjungho & COSKUN' which is the 10th anniversary exhibition of the opening of Suseoung Artpia, Daegu. The exhibition features artworks by Kwon Jung-ho (Korea) and COSKUN (France) with titles such as "Sublime Space" and "Noble Flow" respectively. Kwon Jung-ho is a master of Korean art, actively working...

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[Ugly as Art] - Suh Yongsun

Exhibition Dates l 2017-03-07 ~ 2017-05-14

Suh Yongsun is participating in ongoing exhibition "Ugly as Art" at Seoul National University Museum of Art. This exhibition focuses on the sense of 'ugly', which is not easily defined by current ‘beauty’ standard in art world but cleary exist and views its intense tendencies with various angles. Suh Yongsun shows the human tragedy through his work of 'Do...

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[Bocsu JUNG's Busan Days] - Bocsu JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-20 ~ 2017-05-10

Bocsu JUNG had a solo exhibition 'Bocsu JUNG's Busan Days' at Migwang Gallery, Busan. He expressed the eyes, nose, mouth, ear, genitalia, and body organs through the symbols of the icons as if they were releasing passwords and actively interprets the meaning of fundamental human instincts, desires, and senses through our bodies. In this exhibition, about ...

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[Garden balsams Prayer 304] - Sohee CHO

Exhibition Dates l 2017-04-13 ~ 2017-05-12

Sohee CHO's solo exhibition ‘Garden balsams Prayer 304’ is in progress at Gallery Sanji. This exhibition is the artistic result of common anger and mourning about the tragedy of Sewol Ferry, the tragedy of our society, which has not yet recovered and has reached the third cycle of the year. In the spring of 2016, Sohee CHO recruited 304 applicants wh...

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[Blossom] - Song, Chang-Ae

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-12 ~ 2017-05-28

Song, Chang-ae will have an exhibition with Vincent McIndoe at Gallery Sai. This exhibition reflects the message of bringing life into their artworks through ‘flowers’ which both artists are using as a common medium and thereby brings out the power of another life source. Song, Chang-ae starts with a question about where the source of life comes from with...

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[Unbodied Objects] - Xooang Choi

Exhibition Dates l 2017-05-18 ~ 2017-06-24

Xooang Choi’s solo exhibition "Unbodied Objects" will be held in Doosan Gallery, New York. He makes people aware of the problem of reality by realistic sculpture of human body and worries about being in the social structure. His artistic and abstract formative works and drawings, which contain the consciousness of the problem of human becoming increasingl...

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