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[The 70th Anniversary of Liberation Day 'NK PROJECT'_Seoul Museum of Art] - Suntag NOH, Yongbaek LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2015-07-21 ~ 2015-09-29

Suntag NOH and Yongbaek LEE are now participating in the 70th anniversary of liberation day ‘NK PROJECT’ at Seoul Museum of Art. NK Project is comprised of 3 sections: A representation of North Korea’s visual culture at-a-glance including oil paintings, posters, and stamps, North Korea’s scenery and people depicted in the photographs of foreign artists, a...

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[Nol-i-si-jak_Hello Museum, Gumhodong] - Soun HONG

Exhibition Dates l 2015-08-08 ~ 2015-09-30

Soun HONG is currently participating in the special exhibition entitled ‘Nol-i-si-jak’ at new space of Hello Museum, Gumhodong, Seoul. In this exhibition, audience are encouraged to see the artists’ paintings, drawings, videos and installation works. The exhibition will be continued until 30 September.        Nol-i-si-jak 2015. 08....

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[Korea Artist Prize 2015_National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea] - KIRA KIM, Ha Tae-Bum

Exhibition Dates l 2015-08-04 ~ 2015-11-01

KIRA KIM and Ha Tae-Bum are selected to participate in Korea Artist Prize 2015. The shortlist for this year includes KIRA KIM, Ha Tae-Bum, Na Hyun and Inhwan Oh and these four artists will present their latest projects in this exhibition. One artist will be awarded as the ‘2015 Artist of the Year’ through the final evaluation process during the exhibition...

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[Accumulation of time_O's Art Group, Wanju] – kwonjungho’s solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-08-08 ~ 2015-10-25

kwonjungho presents his solo exhibition entitled ‘Accumulation of time’ at O's Gallery, AWON,Ohulim community of Wanju county office. The works embody life and death which all human are being faced with and institutional contradictions in our lives. This exhibition will continued until 25 October. Composition 5, 2015, 117x153cm, Dakpaper on panel ...

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[2015 GIAX PyeongChang Biennial_Pyeongchang Alpensia Sky House, Convention center] Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2015-07-23 ~ 2015-08-11

Lee Nam LEE is participating in '2015 GIAX PyeongChang Biennial' from 23rd July to 11th August at PyeongChang Alpensia Sky House and Convention center. '2015 GIAX PyeongChang Biennial' is opened wishing successfully host 'The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic'. ‘Elan vital' that is the theme of '2015 GIAX PyeongChang Biennial' neutrally expresses a stir of Gangwon...

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[REAL in IRREAL : Russia-Korea Media Art Today_Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art] Mioon, Hyunmi YOO, Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2015-07-25 ~ 2015-09-30

Mioon, Hyunmi YOO, Han Sungpil participate in the exhibition entitled 'REAL in IRREAL : Russia-Korea Media Art Today' from 25th July at Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations between Korea and Russia, the Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art will hold an exhibition titled Real in Irreal: ...

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[COLOR STUDY_Savina Museum of Contemporary Art] Hyungmin MOON, Seung JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2015-07-29 ~ 2015-10-23

Hyungmin MOON, Seung JUNG participate in the exhibition entitled 'COLOR STUDY' from 29th July to 23rd October at Savina Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition aims at presenting a broad spectrum of the artists' works in order to discover their own methods of represented 'color'. Furthermore, this exhibition allows the audience to have an experience ab...

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[INTO THIN AIR_Kumho Museum of Art] Ki Beom KWON

Exhibition Dates l 2015-05-27 ~ 2015-08-23

Ki Beom KWON is participating in the exhibition entitled 'INTO THIN AIR' from 27th May to 23rd August at Kumho Museum of Art. This exhibition is organized by painting, video, sound works and installation which present the systematic relationship with space around black and white. These artworks figure out the experiments of artists about an esthetic ...

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[Rivers - The Way of Living in Transition, Asia Contemporary Art Links, Pier-2 Art Center B3, B4 Penglai Warehouse, Taipei] Siyon JIN, Yeesookyung

Exhibition Dates l 2015-07-01 ~ 2015-08-30

Siyon JIN, Yeesookyung are participating in the exhibition entitled ‘Rivers - The Way of Living in Transition, Asia Contemporary Art Links’ from 1st July at Pier-2 Art Center B3 B4 Penglai Warehouse in Taipei. This exhibition focus on the connection between the rivers which are essential for development of the civilization of human beings and the way of ...

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[Seon-ghi BAHK : View-tiful_Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art] Seon-ghi BAHK's solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-07-25 ~ 2015-10-31

Seon-ghi BAHK presents his solo exhibition entitled 'Seon-ghi BAHK : View-tiful' from 25th July at Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibition aims to study the visual ability of human being which forms point of view and to show his unique world as an artist who desires the visual perception beauty. The show will be continued until 31st October. ...

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