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[The King of Illusion M.C.Escher and his Challengers ] - WON SeoungWon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-04-09 ~ 2016-06-12

WON SeoungWon is taking part in a group exhibition titled 'The King of Illusion M.C.Escher and his Challengers' held in Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto in Japan. The exhibition under the theme of a Dutch graphic artist M.C.Escher and his remarkable imagination showcases over 200 artworks of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese artists, which stir viewer's imagi...

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Exhibition Dates l 2016-04-29 ~ 2016-06-17

Lee Nam LEE‘s holding his solo exhibition titled ‘AT THE RISING OF THE ROOTS’ in Aando Fine Art gallery, Germany. Lee Nam LEE who is well known for his work reinterpreting Asian and Western painting using digital technology presents his artworks of 2015 ‘Chusa_JahseungJahbak_18C’, ‘Princess of Velasquez-Studio’, and other 6 more works. The exhibition cont...

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[Please Return to Busan Port] - Meekyoung Shin, Hein-kuhn OH, Seahyun LEE, Yongbaek LEE, Lee Nam LEE, Xooang Choi

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-07 ~ 2016-10-02

Meekyoung Shin, Hein-kuhn OH, Seahyun LEE, Yongbaek LEE, Lee Nam LEE, Xooang Choi are participating in a group exhibition of 21 Korean contemporary artists titled ‘Please Return to Busan Port’ held in Vestfossen museum,  Norway on May 7. The exhibition that both rising and renowned artists are taking part in showcases diverse artworks captured t...

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[A study on my mind] - Hyunmi YOO

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-01 ~ 2016-06-26

Hyunmi YOO’s holding her solo exhibition titled ‘A study on my mind’ in KyoboArtSpace. Hyunmi YOO who is well know for her work changing a three dimensional space to a two dimensional space thorough painting work, presents her study-themed artworks in the exhibition. The exhibition offers audiences an opportunity to experience to cross the lines between t...

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[IMAGING KOREA_ Beyond the Land, People and Time] - Gap Chul LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-05 ~ 2016-08-31

Gap Chul LEE participates in an international touring exhibition titled ‘IMAGING KOREA_ Beyond the Land, People and Time’. In the exhibition, 125 works of 7 representative Korean photographers, which captured Korean scenes from traditional to modern will be introduced to 6 countries in Eurasia. The exhibition embarks on an international tour acr...

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[2016 Mergence in Daegu Art] - KIM Ho Deuk, kwonjungho

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-02 ~ 2016-05-09

KIM Ho Deuk, kwonjungho take part in a group exhibition titled ‘2016 Mergence in Daegu Art’ held at Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum in commemoration of the ninth anniversary of opening of Suseong Artpia. The exhibition introduces total 82 representative Deagu-based artists, and showcases their artworks in diverse genres of art such as Western paint...

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[Korean modern literature captured in photo]- JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-03 ~ 2016-07-03

JeongMee Yoon’s holding a solo exhibition titled 'Korean modern literature captured in photo' at the Museum of Korean Modern Literature. In the exhibition which showcases JeongMee Yoon’s photography series titled ‘It Will Be a Better Day – modern literature', audiences can see amazing harmony of Korean modern literature and contempora...

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[‘Sprout’ and ‘Still-life Photography : A Small Reflection on Living Things’] - Kim Juyon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-04-05 ~ 2016-05-03

Juyeon KIM is holding her solo exhibition titled ‘Sprout’ and ‘Still-life Photography : A Small Reflection on Living Things’ in Trunk Gallery, Seoul. In this exhibition, Juyeon KIM who is known for her work with seeds and sprouts presents her photographs which documented the process that the tiny little sprouts form together in a huge object. The exhibiti...

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[Alive painting] - KANG Hyung Koo, Xooang Choi

Exhibition Dates l 2016-04-01 ~ 2016-06-26

KANG Hyung Koo, Xooang Choi are participating in an exhibition titled ‘Alive painting’ held in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of opening of GS Caltex Yeulmaru. This hyperrealism-themed exhibition is presenting total 95 hyperrealistic paintings including KANG Hyung Koo’s ‘Self Portrait’ and Xooang Choi’s ‘Girl’. 20 Korean hyperrealism artists who ...

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[CheongJu- City of Seven villages] - Hong-Goo Kang

Exhibition Dates l 2016-04-27 ~ 2016-07-02

Hong-Goo Kang holds a solo exhibition in Wumin Art Center on April 27. The exhibition showcases Hong-Goo Kang’s photographs which feature unique characteristics of CheongJu City. Through his photographs, Hong-Goo Kang captured a sense of strangeness felt from the familiar sights of the city where he stayed from 2013 to 2016. The exhibition continues to Ju...

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