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Exhibition Dates l 2016-01-15 ~ 2016-03-01

Seahyun LEE, Inkie WHANG are participated int the exhibiion entitled 'CONTEMPORARY SANSUHWA' in PearlLam Galleries, Hong Kong. This exhibition that participates representative 3 Korean artists show 'Sansuwha' which is one of the preeminent genres of traditional fine arts in Korea. Visitors can enjoy artworks that are contemporary landscape painting from d...

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Exhibition Dates l 2015-11-11 ~ 2016-03-28

Jeonghwa CHOI is participated in the exhibition entitled ‘TRANSFORMERS’ at MAXXI National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, Rome, Italy. The notion of the transformer is visible everywhere, representing the human-machine and redefining humanity with technology. Faced with this fundamental change, revolutionary attempts are being carried out by numerous cre...

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코리안 아티스트 프로젝트 팀 채용공고

Exhibition Dates l 2016-01-19 ~ 2016-01-28

<코리안 아티스트 프로젝트 팀 채용공고> www.koreanartistproject.com   코리안 아티스트 프로젝트(2011-2015, KAP)는 현재 한국사립미술관협회 소속 28개 사립미술관에서 선정한 86명 작가의 온라인 개인전을 개최하고 있는 한국 현대미술 온라인 플랫폼입니다. 구글아트프로젝트(Google Art Project), 그리고 아트시(artsy.net)와의 협력으로 한국 작가를 해외 알리...

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[Inside Drawing] - Jongku Kim, KIM Ho Deuk

Exhibition Dates l 2016-01-07 ~ 2016-02-17

Jongku Kim, KIM Ho Deuk is participated in the exhibition entitled ‘Inside Drawing’ at Ilwoo Space, Seoul. This exhibition, 16 artists present 60 artworks of drawing and installation. The exhibition that started from 7th of Jan will continue through 17th of Feb. Inside Drawing2016. 1. 7 – 2016. 2. 17Ilwoo Spacehttp://www.ilwoo.org/ilwo_about02/about02...

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Exhibition Dates l 2016-01-07

Kim Joon is parcitipated in the public art program entitled 'LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 9: SILENCE!' at The Triangle at Pearl and Anchorage Place, New York. "Silence!” is a presentation of silent videos exploring the dynamics between the audio and visual experience. Works in this show will draw attention to these dynamics, as well as the public art environment, t...

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[Black Media Art] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2015-12-23 ~ 2016-01-31

Lee Nam LEE presents his exhibition entitled 'Black Media Art' at Lotus Gallery in Mugaksa, Korea. The exhibition that start from 23rd of Dec will continue through 31st of Jan. Black Media Art2015. 12. 23 - 2016. 1. 31Lotus Gallery, Koreahttp://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=103&oid=001&aid=0008069740

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[A Cabinet of Curiosities 珍奇柜] - Meekyoung Shin Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-12-19 ~ 2016-01-31

On the occasion of its two years anniversary, Hakgojae Shanghai is pleased to presents artist Meekyoung Shin’s first solo exhibition in Mainland China, “A Cabinet of Curiosities” on December 19, 2015 to January 31, 2016.   A Cabinet of Curiosities 珍奇柜2015. 12. 19 - 2016. 1. 31Hakgojae, Shanghaihttp://www.hakgojae.com/page/1-3-view.php?exhibi...

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The arts enter the book

Exhibition Dates l 2015-12-15 ~ 2016-01-31

Kyungmin NAM is participated in the exhibition entitled 'The arts enter the book' at Kyobo Art Space, Korea. The artworks which deal with a “Book” present paintings, sculptures etc. The exhibition that started from 15th of Dec will continue through 31th of Jan. Artists' Library - from Manet to Warhol, Oil on Linen, 200x750cm, 2008 The arts enter t...

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[Newton's Pear] - Seung Young KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2015-11-28 ~ 2016-02-29

Seung Young KIM is participated in the exhibition entitled 'Newton's Pear' at Cyan Art Museum, Korea. The exhibition is organized with the intention to showing the  desire  in the capitalism. In this exhibition, 5artists present 32artworks of painting, installation, sculpture, media art etc. The exhibition started from 28th of Nov will continue...

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[Hong Kong Arts Centre Annual Flagship Exhibition Familiar Otherness: Art Across Northeast Asia] - Jeonghwa CHOI

Exhibition Dates l 2015-12-10 ~ 2016-01-17

Jeonghwa CHOI is paticipated in the exhibition entitled 'Hong Kong Arts Centre Annual Flagship Exhibition Familiar Otherness: Art Across Northeast Asia' at Hong Kong Arts Centre. This exhibition display art works that result from the artists’ cross-cultural experiences or thinking in Northeast Asian region. The exhibition is guest-curated by Chinese indep...

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