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[The Need For My Care] - Koh Sang Woo, Yangachi, Osang Gwon, Joon KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2016-02-03 ~ 2016-04-16

Koh Sang Woo, Yangachi, Osang Gwon, Joon KIM take part in the exhibition entitled “The Need For My Care” held in Waterfall Mansion and Gallery in New York, The United States. 40 notable international artists participate in the exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day. In this exhibition, various artworks under the theme of women’s beauty, streng...

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[Soun Hong solo exhibition] - Soun Hong

Exhibition Dates l 2016-02-18 ~ 2016-04-15

Soun Hong presents his solo exhibition in 1355 Mabini Gallery. In this exhibition, Soun Hong well-known for his representative work series, Sidescape, shows his unique point of view on reinterpreting landscapes. The exhibition held in Manila, Philippines on 18th of Feb runs until 15th of April. Manila.Feb.2016 2016. 2. 18- 2016. 4. 15 133...

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[2016 Ningbo International Contemporary Art Exhibition] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-01-19 ~ 2016-02-28

A media artist, Lee Nam Lee participates in <2016 Ningbo International Contemporary Art Exhibition> held in Ningbo Art Museum in China through 28th of Feb. The exhibition that around 30 artists from Korea, China, and the United States participate features 53 artworks of various genres such as painting, multimedia art, video art, etc, under the theme...

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[Matiére Nouveau] - Bong Chae SON, Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-01-12 ~ 2016-02-29

The 6 notable Korean artists including 2 KAP artists, Bong Chae SON and Lee Nam LEE take part in the exhibition ‘Matiére Nouveau’ held in Opera Gallery in Seoul through 29th of Feb. This exhibition features 25 works of new-media art, painting, sculpture, and installation art. Through their works of art, the artists reinterpret the traditional eastern...

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[ENDLESS] - Yuyeung TCHINE Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2016-02-04 ~ 2016-04-20

Yuyeung TCHINE, one of the prominent Korean artist based in france, presents her solo exhibition entitled 'ENDLESS' in Chois Gallery, Seoul. She represents her own point of view on light and life through this exhibition. This exhibition that started from 4th of Feb will continue through 20th of Apr. Yuyeung TCHINE_ The portrait of Painting-Flakes of Lig...

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[Korea Now] - KIM Ho Deuk, Geun-Taek Yoo

Exhibition Dates l 2016-02-15 ~ 2016-03-12

KIM Ho Deuk, Geun-Taek Yoo participate in the exhibtion entitled 'Korea Now' in Korea cultural service center in Hungary. This exhibition presents 28 artworks of representative korean contemporary artists. The exhibition in which visitors can appreciate artworks of Korean contemporary art's colour started from 16th of Feb will continue through 12th of Mar...

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[RETRO-SCENE] - Lee Sangwon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-01-18 ~ 2016-03-03

Lee Sangwon participates in the exhibition entitled 'RETRO-SCENE' in SPACE K, Gwacheon. This exhibition's participated 3 artists reconstruct our past memories and images through artist's own point of view, familiarly as well as unfamiliarly. The exhibition that started from 18th of Jan will continue through 3rd of Mar.   RETRO-SCENE 2016. 1. 1...

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[Lee, Lee-Nam Selected Exhibition] - Lee-Nam Lee

Exhibition Dates l 2016-02-01 ~ 2016-02-17

Lee Nam LEE presents his solo exhibition entitled 'Lee, Lee-Nam Selected Exhibition' in Kartara Art Center, Qatar. This exhibition displays 14 artworks reinterpreted from classics. This exhibition that started from 1st of Feb will continue through 17th of Feb. Lee, Lee-Nam Selected Exhibition 2016. 2. 1 - 2016. 2. 17 Kartara Art Center http://asangaller...

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[Yeesookyung: Contemporary Korean Sculpture] - Yeesookyung

Exhibition Dates l 2015-10-10 ~ 2016-03-27

Yeesookyung presents her solo exhibition entilted 'Yeesookyung: Contemporary Korean Sculpture' in Asia Society Texas Center, USA. This exhibition is the first time a contemporary Korean artist has been featured at Asia Society Texas Center. This exhibition shows her artworks that transform the ceramic as a sculptural medium. The exhibition started from 10...

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