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[Now Watching Strasbourg-Seoul 2005-2015] - Seoung Young Kim, Mioon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-03-19 ~ 2016-05-22

Seoung Young Kim and Mioon take part in an exhibition opened in Strasbourg, France until 22nd of May. In this exhibition held to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Korea-France year, Seoung Young Kim and Mioon each present ‘Cloud’, and 'Ensemble.' As a resident of a National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea residency program, S...

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[미학적 장면展] - Ji Yoon Hong

Exhibition Dates l 2016-02-25 ~ 2016-04-30

Ji Yoon Hong takes part in ‘미학적 장면展’ held in Ochard Gallery Seoul, Korea. In this exhibition, six Korean artists including Ji Yoon Hong present artworks that enhance the viewing experience of audiences. Ji Yoon Hong is famous for her artworks which reinterpreted and modified oriental painting with a modern touch. The exhibition held on 25th Feb...

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[Wrap Around the Time: part 2] - Beak Jungki

Exhibition Dates l 2016-03-03 ~ 2016-07-03

Beak Jungki participates in the exhibition ‘Wrap Around the Time: part2’ held in Nam June Paik Art Center. The 10th memorial exhibition of Nam June Paik will be the bridge between past and present with the collaborative project of Nam Jun Paik and contemporary artists. Beak Jungki presents his installation, ‘RedHouse’ consist of natural objects and artifa...

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[Land of the Others] - Gap Chul Lee

Exhibition Dates l 2016-03-16 ~ 2016-03-30

Gap Chul Lee holds a solo exhibition ‘Land of the Others’ in Gallery Now on 16th of March. In this exhibition, the artist presents a photography series ‘Land of the Others’ that were taken over 5 years from 1985 to 1990. Inspired by American photographer Robert Frank, he captured the scenes of Korea conveying the cultural, economic, and politica...

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[긴급 재공고] 온라인가상미술관(Korean artist project) VR 콘텐츠 제작 입찰공고 [마감]

Exhibition Dates l 2016-03-09 ~ 2016-03-15

입 찰 공 고     1. 입찰에 붙이는 사항 가. 건    명 : 온라인가상미술관(Korean artist project) VR 콘텐츠 제작 나. 과업내용: 제안요청서 참조 다. 계약기간: 계약체결일로부터 1년간   2. 입찰 및 낙찰 방법 : 협상에 의한 계약   가. 기술평가, 미술작품에 대한 이해도 및 가격평가를 실시하여 종합평가(기술평가+미술작품에 대한 이해도+...

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[Turbulent Transition] - Hein-Kuhn Oh

Exhibition Dates l 2016-03-02 ~ 2016-05-04

Hein-Kuhn Oh takes part in ‘Turbulent Transition: Photographic Messages from Korea' in the Théâtre Maillon and La Chambre gallery, France. The exhibition held to celebrate ‘2015-2016 France-Korea Year’ opens divided as two chapters on the theme of urbanization. In the exhibition, Hein-Kuhn Oh presents his photographs which deal with social upheaval a...

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[Dubai Photo Exhibition ] - Yeon Doo JUNG, Han Sungpil, Won SeoungWon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-03-16 ~ 2016-03-19

Yeon Doo JUNG, Han Sungpil, and Won SeoungWon take part in Dubai Photo Exhibition in Dubai Design District(D3), United Arab Emirates. This exhibition presents over 700 images worked by international photographers from 23 countries. The exhibition offers audiences the chance to see the evolution and cultural diversity of photography. The show will be held ...

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[Contemporary Photography Asian Perspectives] - Byung Hun Min

Exhibition Dates l 2016-03-10 ~ 2016-04-30

Byung Hun Min takes part in a group exhibition entitled ‘Contemporary Photography Asian Perspectives‘ held in Laurence Miller Gallery in New York, the United States. Laurence Miller Gallery will be the first photography gallery that participates in ‘ASIA WEEK NEW YORK’, founded to celebrate Asian art. This exhibition presents a photograph of Byung Hun Min...

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[통쇠와 글씨] - Jongku Kim

Exhibition Dates l 2016-01-14 ~ 2016-04-14

Jongku Kim’s having his solo exhibition entitled ‘통쇠와 글씨’ in Third Connect museum of StreetMuseum. A metal sculptor, Jongu Kim presents a whole new world in sculpture through his work with ‘ground’ metal powder. In this exhibition, he presents his metal sculpture and words written in the ground metal powder. The exhibition started from 14th of Jan co...

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